Dereliction by medical employees tend to reach a common surface nowadays. Often seen as just a ‘slight mistake’, but it is a whole different story when a boy’s life is on the line.

Recently a 12-year-old disabled boy died on January 12, 2020, suspected to be infected with Influenza A.

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After having a fever for 3-days, the mother decided to get a check up to the clinic. However the doctor said that it was just a common fever with a body temperature of 38°C.

Having thought that there’s nothing to worry about, the family was in shock after the boy is having a seizures the next day. After the boy was brought to a private hospital, it is confirmed that he was infected with Influenza A — If only the previous doctor checked him thoroughly.

Unfortunately, the boy did not make it and died.

The family is unsure how the boy got the infection. But regardless, the mother would like to advise everyone to have a proper examination if you have a fever. You will never know what it might be.

It is a really unfortunate outturn for the boy. Regardless this tells us to always take care of our health, and advise our friends to check with the doctor, even if it’s just a slight fever.

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