Yeah – everyone are always happy when it comes to all the jolly good seasons of festivity and sales and fruits of all the good stuffs that happens in Malaysia. But sadly though, there’s always this one season that irritatingly annoys us growing up, the hazy season.

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Although (sadly) that this is not the worse one we’ve ever seen, we would like to advise everyone to take precautions for their day-to-day activities.
Here are 5-tips to protect ourselves from the haze. 

1. Always pay attention to the local air quality updates

First things first – during this tough times, the Air Pollution Index (API) is our friend. By understanding the latest air condition will help us take any recommended precautions. So keep track of the latest air quality update regularly.

2. Planned your outdoor activities, especially outdoor sports

The best of haze is that it always have that perfect timing. It always comes knocking during the “I wanna start jogging to lose weight” moments.

Anyone for such; children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those suffering from chronic illnesses, especially heart and respiratory disease, should remain indoors when haze hits unhealthy levels. Even healthy adults should avoid unnecessary outdoor activities.

If you must exercise outdoor, avoid exercising in highly congested areas near busy roads and freeways, particularly during rush hours. 

3. Use an air purifier to keep the particulate levels low

This is the best of times to be proud that you spent on these air purifiers, and proud to call it an investment.

Air purifiers could removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve indoor air quality. Choose an air purifier that is suitable for the size and type of your home. And always make sure to regularly replace the filters in the air purifier according to manufacturer’s instructions

4. Drink more water and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The insides of our body deserves to have proper maintenance. Water, fresh fruits and vegetables will help the body to flush out toxins absorbed through the skin and lungs, and improve the immune system.

It is also good to cut down on alcohol and coffee as they promote fluid loss and may leach nutrients from the body.

5. Wear a respirator if you must go outside. Under severe haze condition.

Respirators work better than surgical masks as they seal better and restrict more polluted air from entering the nose and mouth. There’re even cool designs made to ensure that we’re not only taking care of our health – but also maintain fashionable.

They also come with the right filter to remove fine particles found in a haze. If you stayed indoor, but still experience haze-related conditions, it may be necessary to use respirators indoor as well.