The world is actually filled with good people. A McDonald’s delivery guy from Kelantan, went the extra mile to help out his customer by delivering his foods and bought him a Panadol as he’s sick.

The customer known as Wan Amirul, put the special Panadol request under the ‘Special Instructions’ of his order, and the delivery guy does not disappoint.

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Filled with gratitudes, Wan Amirul said this in his Tweet:

“Blessed you with great livelihood McDelivery bro

Everyone loves to see this type of good deeds to spread around. The netizens are all applaud the showed kindness by the McDelivery guy. The tweet was posted on August 12, 2019 (Monday) and now has an over 30k retweets.

Now everyone should be onboard the good deeds train to make the world a better place. This is a prime example of how a harmonious living should be – and everyone is probably ordering McD delivery, right about now.

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