A video has been viral recently of an Australian man did a flying kick a Balinese local while drunk – oh dear god.

This was captured by locals as the 26-years old Aussie man, Nicholas Carr, allegedly harassed locals, threw himself into the bonnet of a moving car, and smashed restaurant windows in the popular beach town destination of Kuta.

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That was some high flying kick – Miraculously everyone suffered only minor injuries after coming off the scooter. Now he’s been said to be treated in a hospital for his injuries, after he was caught and tied up.

Carr who was reported to be Intoxicated by vodka and few other cocktails, has been going rampage in Bali for few other offences:

  1. Smashed windows of Circle-K convenience store
  2. Smashed windows of a local restaurant,
  3. Attacked a local resident woken from his bed

Speaking from inside the cell Carr said that he regrets what’s happened had never done this before, ever.

But that is a primary example of what alcohol can do to you. Yeah – you’re having fun, partying and all. But nevertheless if it’s harmful to you and anyone else, better to take a step back at least.

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