For many years Malaysians have been holidaying to Korea (South); the fashion capital, beautiful beaches, remarkable culture, and the place wherein their entertainment industry are second to none.

Well, yeah — people who have been to Korea, often find themselves to be in between friends who requires specific souvenirs. Usually to find it as cosmetics products, face mask, and another common item, the Honey Butter snacks. Bad news for everyone as the Korean Halal Organisation has confirmed that this particular food is not halal certified.

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Another unfortunate statement is that the snacks that have been selling in Malaysia’s market, are produced from the same factory which is non-halal.

Any food items will need to be considered on the ingredients, process in-making, and the source of the ingredients whenever a halal-certified is in play.

As for this particular snack, although the ingredients are fine, but the factory is also a place which they process products using pigs. As referring to the image, the writing 돼지 (dwe-ji) means pig.

There are many more snacks that are produced from the same place, which we would advise everyone to be careful when buying it.

There are some other brands that can be off substitute for the famous Honey Butter snacks. For example this similar flavour produced by a company called ‘Nuts Holic’.

This product has been halal-certified by the Korean Halal Organisation, and this company produced many variations of snacks to our comfort.

Let us know in the comment if you have anymore halal snacks to help our fellow travellers. 

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