It’s not new to hear a story about the underdog artist came to bite the big names in the industry. But not quite like this one though – somehow the bites are getting rough!

A local rapper goes by the name Zynakal uploaded what seems to be him bashing a local radio in a WhatsApp conversation. And that conversation is between him and the music director.

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There’s no indication why is the young rapper triggered with the radio station, but netizens are not having it and felt that his action is “unethical” for uploading that private conversation.


Zynakal has seen to be deleting all of his post about it – probably regretting on his crude behavior. But people have been screenshooting the conversation and has been spreading throughout the internet.

Maybe this is a gimmick of some sort? Regardless it is unacceptable for anyone to do this type of action, let alone when you’re known to the public.

It’s understandable to feel angry or hyped up when working, in any industry. But for a new rising artist to this kind of behaviour to a local radio station? Maybe needs to rethink a thing or two before doing anything regrettable.

Let this be a lesson for everyone.

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