A twist within a twist is usually happen on TV, never we would have thought that something telenovela-drama like situation could ever happen in real life.

But life is a fickle thing as they say. Recently a twitter post caught the attention of many netizens, threading about a couple the user once knew who’s also his teacher. The couple were happily married for 30 years, but later to be divorced after discovered that they were actually step siblings — WOAH!

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The thread explains that the couple apparently shares the same father. The father who is also a lorry driver, have been travelling across Malaysia and quietly got married.

The initial idea is that, there’s no chance for a family from Terengganu would somehow came across family from Johor.

The father died when both of them in primary school. And in the old days, photographic records of a person are limited.

Then after the husband’s mom passed away, the whole family came over to pay respects. He eventually find a picture of his late father and is excited to show it to his wife and mother-in-law.

Then the story unveils after both of them saw the picture. After further revelation, they then discovered that they were actually half-siblings. After 30 years of marriage, sharing kids, and even grandkids.

This is truly shocking to anyone really. When something big, such as poligamy is in play, it is better to share it with your family to avoid — well something like this?

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