2020 seems to be having a rough start..

Many would have realised that the Influenza is back in town. If anyone of you are experiencing sniffles, fever, cough, sore throat, or any other symptoms; please do go and check with your doctor. As for SRJK (C) Li Hwa in Butterworth, Penang, the virus had affected many students which they have to close down 2-classes for a while.

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Influenza A is easily being spread if not being contained. Several students at this school have already reported symptoms of Influenza A.

The health officials from the Ministry of Health will be sent to the school to condict disinfection procedures.

The information is being shared on the school’s social media to notify the families of the students.

As for everyone else, please make sure you drink enough water and have plenty of rest. Make sure to immediately go see a doctor if any symptoms are shown!

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