Never would have anyone thought to live and see the “challenges on internet” days coming – especially this one.

The growing market of bubble tea has created a lot of weird viral trends among the community – Does anyone remember people put the cup on their breast to drink challenge? Now people are being maybe too creative in Japan, by shoving boba in their nostrils, and taking selfies – sigh.

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Well okay so maybe it is a challenge. What if the person has sinuses? That could be a really challenging thing for him or her to do for this level of difficulty.

The timing and balance is key here, as the boba needs to stay perfectly firm at the rim of the nostril without falling out to take the picture.

Now the question is.. will they eat the nostril’s boba? Or will they shoot it 50m from a garbage can to really up the ante?

All and all, if anyone would like to do this type of challenge – we highly advise against it. Please do it cautiously as we don’t know what would happen if the boba’s stuck inside, it may cause suffocation.

But if you guys really want a challenge, why not shove the whole cup instead? That would put your name straight into the history book.

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