The forest fire incident in Indonesia had causes a lot of alarming incidents for us recently.

Well it get more intense when Indonesian locals has been sharing their situations on social media. Clear sky hasn’t been peeking for weeks, and now it has turned bloody red over Muaro Jambi, Indonesia.

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The current situation in Indonesia is really concerning; thick smog covering your vision, ashes inhaled, and even indoors, everyone feels suffocated.

The red-coloured smog was caused by a phenomenon called “Rayleigh Scattering” that moves small particles of light in the air from the hotspots in Riau — meaning this is an aftermath of the August’s fire. 

It looks really bizarre, and what’s worse is the living condition of the residents in Indonesia. This could only be resolved once the pollution is blown away by the strong winds, as well as episodes of rain.

Our thoughts and prayers goes to hoping that this would end soon.

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