The Changi Prison houses the most serious criminal offenders in the country. It is a place where judicial corporal punishment by caning is carried out, as well as serves as the detention site for death row inmates.

Now imagine, a girl, a toddler, living in this kind of environment. As her parent is the warden of the said prison, a girl known as Ashley shared her grievances growing up in the harsh condition of Changi Prison.

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To us, we have our own norm. We go outside playing football with our friends, sparked some high school romance, then spending nice time at home with the comfort of our family.

But it is a different case for Ashley. A child’s mental state could be heavily affected living in the environment surrounded by dangerous criminals, harsh living. When she was growing up, was nothing more than a harsh upbringing and a lack of freedom.

Watch this video narrated by Ashley herself:

The Girl from Changi Prison

For Ashley, whose father was a prison warden, Changi Prison was home. But in her case, home was indistinguishable from the prison. Home, when she was growing up, was nothing more than a harsh upbringing and a lack of freedom.

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From the video, we can say that it is not an easy living for the parents as well. Imagine raising kids in that stone cold place.

That could potentially be the reason for the “over-disciplinary” upbringing.

Nonetheless, she managed to get out from being ‘captive’, and now is enjoying her freedom to the fullest.

We are amazed to how strong the girl is. Different people have different paths in their life. Please strive on your path guys! Leave any comments below!

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