Now — Malaysian drivers are famously to be annoyingly bad on the road. Somehow we forgot about manners and attitude whenever we’re behind the wheel.

But recently we’ve been shown how “money don’t buy class” works on Malaysia’s road. In We Are Malaysian Facebook page, a luxurious Mercedes Benz was seen tailgating a car in front of it right out of the toll booth before the barricade’s closing to avoid payment.

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This is too absurd for a guy — or woman – to be doing this regardless of what car you drive.

As seen in the video, the Mercedes almost hit the car in front of it. Here’s the video:

Toll Free 😏😏😏#PDRM #JPJ

Posted by 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians on Sabtu, 5 Oktober 2019

The comment sections are not having it. People have been saying that the owner is being cheapskate as they have no more money after getting loan for the car.

What do you think? These guys need to be teach some manners. What’s worse is that these type of people would always think that they’re right despite doing it.

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