Ever heard of Monosodium Glutamate or MSG for short? Well most probably you heard it because of its health-related controversies. Is it good? Or is it bad? But the more you know about the world, it is widely used in cooking, surrounding us.

Then it is a heart-lighten story when you heard that our own bright young Malaysians has discovered the best substitute for MSG which is all organic, and believed to be a healthy alternatives.

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Two teams from SMK Riam attended the Korea Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair (CIGIF) 2019 in Seoul, and almost made a clean sweep of all the awards. According to Borneo Post, there are 70 other teams from 12 different countries attended the same event.

These 3 brilliant inventors, Natalie Gituen Liso, Law Zhen Yen, and Allycia Nanu Bong, had won the World Investors Association (WIA) Gold Medal, and the Special Award for producing a natural MSG substitute using the extracts of tubu leaves.

Tubu leaves or also called the sengkubak leaves has been used locally as a substitute for food additives and has its enhanced umami flavour.

These revelation will surely shakes the food industry and moving ourselves towards a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for making this happen.

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