The giant gentle of the sea, a whale shark has recently broke the internet as been spotted dead on a jetty at Parit Jawa, Johor.

The endangered whale shark carcass’s weighing about five tonnes was found floating in the waters before being taken by fisherman immediately after.

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The whale shark is estimated to be 6.1 metres long, and 1.5 metres wide. Currently the Resource Protection Unit is opening up and investigation paper to find out the cause if death, including a complete information of the fish.

Here are some of the images of the dead whale shark shared by Muar TV.

Giant Fish. Baru mendarat di Jeti Nelayan Parit Jawa. Agak2 Ikan apa nie.

Posted by Muar TV on Jumaat, 16 Ogos 2019

As whale shark was an endangered marine species. The fishermen were advised to contact the relevant agency immediately if they came across members of the species.

The image of the fish was widely-shared on social media attracting many people to come and see the animal besides taking pictures of the carcass.

The cause of death was unknown. The whale shark is believed to have lost its way to this water, and there’re speculations that it probably stuck at one of the fisherman’s net – please don’t.

This is surely a loss for nature as it really does hurt to see an endangered animal to die in our water. All and all, lets just wait for the autopsy results, and hoping further recovery can be made to save this giant creature.

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