The current situation in Hong Kong had caused a disruptions to flights in and out. For which – the Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam summarised that the demonstrators had pushed Hong Kong to the verge of a “very dangerous situation”.

The initial spark for the ongoing protests was an extradition bill that would allow Hong Kongers to be sent to mainland China for trial – although it actually had been brewing for months.

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AirAsia had announced in their social media that they’re rescheduling a number of flights to/from Hong Kong today.

The flight are listed below:

Same goes for Malaysia Airlines as they announced it in their social media as well.

The disruption of flights are worsened as demonstrators are targetting key transport links – and the airport’s high-speed rail service was suspended because of obstructions on trains and platforms.

Disruptions to flights in and out of Hong Kong worsened on Monday after protesters coordinated strikes to bring the city to a standstill.

It said that travellers could either change their flight, credit the account for future travel with AirAsia or get refund for guests whose flights have been delayed more than three hours or that have been cancelled

All guests travelling to and from Hong Kong to prepare for delays and to monitor their flight status at the airlines’ website.