Parents nowadays striving to pushing their children into the Digital Era; but it kinda become overkill doesn’t it?

A recent situation shows a three-year-old girl from China has developed short-sighted after watching too much cartoons on mobile devices.

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It is a general known fact that exposing too much of screen devices could be bad for the eyes. But parenting is different if anyone notice — well of course, even we does that.

Parents will provide their children smartphones, or tablets to keep them being happy although.

However, throwing a mobile device at the kid to entertain them is actually very bad for their health.

According to Setn, a child named Tong Tong, discover that her visual acuity only had 0.2 left and she had to wear glasses to keep it from deteriorating further. This translates to about 200 degrees of short-sightedness.

The idea here is that it is not good to expose all of the screen devices to your children at the early age. These are the phase when they are developing. Doctors even concern that children might develop myopia early, but could caused other complications such as glaucoma or blindness.

All and all, be more conservative on child development. Everyone understand that being parenting is not an easy feat. But maybe not via a smartphone? You decide!

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