Hold on to your sweet tooth. A brand new shop selling your favourite boba tea is coming to your area sometime soon!

Raion (狮子堂), a boba tea shop born in Taiwan will be opening its first store in Malaysia. The name ‘Raion’ which sounded like ‘lion’, interestingly enough is using the ‘King of the Jungle’ as their logo, following trends like The Alley (deer) and Daboba (bear).

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The fact that we have more than 70 boba tea shop doesn’t stop them from satisfy us from the sweet, creamy, and chewy sensation.


One of the must-try favourite drink would be the Raion Brown Sugar Milk Oreo – a rich browned sugar milk merges with sultry boba pearls, the top with crushes of Oreo cookies, to add that crunch and nostalgic taste.

You’re not a fan? They also offers seven series of beverages so that everyone could pick the drinks to fit your tastebuds.


There has no confirmation yet for the exact date, or where’s the outlet’s opening. But the franchise is said to make their debut in September.

Stay close for more information of the irresistible cup of boba goodness.