Today Malaysia are looking pretty grim with the haze. People are wearing masks, schools are closing, and doctors are busy handing out MC to people – legitimately.

To top this bad weather condition, it has been reported that the infamous Broga Hill, Semenyih was caught on fire yesterday in about 2-hectares radius.

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The firemen was informed of the incident about 4.30 pm, and 25 of them were assigned to the location for recovery.

10-of the fire marshals were already on the scene as they’re were looking for a lost hikers from a different report. The fire then has been successfully put out thanks to the great work from the “Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat’ (BBP), Semenyih.

Here’s a statement from the director of BBP Semenyih, Mohamad Darul Azreen Md Desa:

“Based on the report, the fire has spread in about 2-hectares radius in the location, therefore we requested help from BBP Bangi to prevent it from spreading. All fire has been successfully put out around 7.30pm. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.”

There is a possibility that the fire could be caused by irresponsible individuals who hikes on the hill, but is too early to confirm any possibilities just yet.

All and all, let us do what we can to save the environment and revitalise of which have been the place for our children to lives in.

The future is in our hands.

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