Oh man! Don’t we love it when Westerners take any unfamiliar traits then twist it?

Now we all know how some parts of the world are not accustomed to our fruits. It is what they called as ‘exotic’. But some of them seems to be taking it too far, as Durian is now an element for a science fiction story — few months ago, they also said ‘rambutan’ is an alien fruit?

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The Amazon’s series “The Expanse” is an American sci-fi based on the hit book series goes by the same name; and already reached season four, which aired on December 13, 2019.

The settings as revolves around three divisions of human population; the people on Earth, the people on Mars; and those who work in the asteroid’s belt.

Around the minute 18 on the mark of the first episode, there seems to be a familiar sign which we can see at public faces. This is first seen by a keen Redditor, u/davidbydesign.

Well if anyone is wondering, or giving the benefit of a doubt that it is probably a different thing.. STOP!

Because it has been confirmed by the producer of the show, Breck Eisner that the image is in fact, a durian — this chuckles me up!

Well who knows, maybe it is possible to grow the King Of Fruit on Mars? That could be a perfect story, as well as a great marketing campaign for our beloved fruit.

What do you think of this? Is it so ridiculous? Or maybe a stroke of genius? Let us know in the comment section below!

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