Who knew there are lots of different ways you can eat a durian. People can be so creative dealing with the King of Fruit because some of the variances could blow your mind.

Now when you’re a local, you must have tried a few of these. Here are 10 different durian type dish that everyone must try: 

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1. Durian Milk Tablet

Some of us probably have seen this growing up – but durian is not always our flavour of choice, probably. This candy is a mix of durian and cow’s milk which famously to be eaten by children in Thailand.

We can found it in Malaysia’s supermarket. But maybe durian flavours’ a bit rare.

2. Durian Apam Balik

Now the moment that you heard ‘durian apam balik’, isn’t it sounded right? This desert type dish kinda hit you right in the appetite as it could be a kick-ass combination. Filled together with sugar and corn, you got yourself a delightful treat.

Heard that you can get one at Apam Balik Nusantara, Kampung Baru – food hunt begins!

3. Durian Milkshake 

The sweet and creaminess of a durian fruit does sounds suitable to be a milkshake. Maybe a bit more cream, some squeezed lemon, and a mint to give it a refreshing taste – sounds delish!

There are bunch of google-able recipes of durian milkshake that you can try at your home. And there are bunch of cafe’s has been doing it too. Better try it.

4. Durian Goreng (topped with caramel)

‘Pisang goreng’ – or ‘goreng pisang’ is kind of like a staple food whenever we think of tea break. Why not ‘durian goreng’ instead?

The concept of fry fritters somehow brings out the taste of savouriness to the sweet fruit, and will have you ask for seconds. There are few places you can find this type of dish. But the best we heard is at Kari Gegar, Ampang.

5. Durian Cheese Cake

At first, it is a mystery how can they turned durian into these form – until we learnt that it is made using durian extract. Having a slice, a cup of coffee, and hang out with your friends in the afternoon does sounds like a best thing to do.

There are a bunch of recipes to google to make this, and you can also order it at few cake stores as well.

6. Chicken Chop with Durian Sauce

Now this is a really, REALLY unknown territory for most of us.

The savoury chicken has always been paired with the likes of black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, and some would just have it straight up. Durian sauce sounds a bit too far fetched.

But there are places selling this, and many loves it! Zen Taro Cafe in Shah Alam has been known to have it. Give it a try, and let us know!

7. Pulut Serawa Durian

Always been a tradition during durian season. When your mom buys durian, she always put aside some of them to make this.

Bunch of places you can find selling this – everyone of you should have your favourite place by now.

8. Roti Canai Durian

Many of our Kelantanese friends can relate. Roti canai durian has its appeal there similar to ‘roti pisang’ in a sense.

This does seems rare. Imagine if you’re at ‘mamak’ ordering this, they’ll probably shake heads at hearing this. Heard that you can find it at Buharry Bistro in Klang.

9. Cendol Durian

Now who haven’t try this? The combination are so perfect and blended well. I think everyone has try this at least once – there’s always this one friend who don’t like it though because it’s too sweet.

Need to say where to find it? Ask your friends, everyone should know a place.

10. Durian Ice Cream

Durian ice cream is a favourite dessert for many. Some of you eat it differently; some likes it in a bowl, some in a cone, and some would prefers it on a stick.

I do think it’s worth doing homemade as a lot of recipes has been shared in the net. Or you  can find it at various different cafes. Heard you can also order a special one via Grabfood if you’re around Damansara Jaya, PJ. Calli Ice Cream sells it.

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