We must have seen this-type-stunt countless of times in movies – especially the high speed chase one. But there’re reasons why this is called ‘stunts’ that is only can be done by professional. As it is how they said it – hella dangerous.

Recently a viral video showed a Malaysian man attempted to swerves under a moving trailer on his motorcycle. Recorded the video himself, and you can hear chuckles afterwards.

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Here’s the video shared on Twitter:

You could hear the aggressive honking sound made by the trailer’s driver. Who do you think is the most scared in that situation – OTHER FREAKING PEOPLE! 

Imagine if you’re the person who drives the trailer, and if thing does go wrong. Won’t that make anyone feel guilty if something bad happened to the rider? That is not a responsibility you give to people.

The chuckling sound is irritating to hear. What’s worse is that the rider had been holding his phone throughout his stunt, to record of his ‘moves’.

If you’re this guy’s friend, maybe can give him an advise or two – yeah? Maybe try to find a safe place to do stunts. And not messing up with peoples’ conscience.

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