The recent debacles about FINAS (National Film Development Corporation) had triggered many people on social media. The idea to filter out the content for the paid apps by the subscribers are too much — well, because we paid for them! 

This has not be seen lightly from the local celebrities as well. As uploaded on her Instagram account, Sharifah Sakinah, our local actress had called audible by saying that she will lie down in protest in front of the FINAS building if they want to intervene with the Netflix content.

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Today, CEO Finas suggest the Government to filter Netfix content which I strongly disagree. Yes some content are not suitable for younger minds but you can use the security PIN feature whatt. For parents who are concerned with this paid internet app, you can set password to avoid kids viewing or simply just don't subscribelahh. Please jangan kacau Netflix. If the government wants to ban or filter Netflix I'm gonna baring depan finas tu dengan kawan2 ramai2. Boleh singgah zoo negara sekali…. Cause it is unfair and inconsistent, what about app like Wechat or Youtube???? To the CEO of Finas, I really miss your old dramas like Cinderella that inspire me to become TV actress. Who can forget the romance scenes and all the pegang2, dancing2 that I watched when I was child on the unfiltered national TV.

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Netizens are getting wildly excited in the comment section about this. Everyone are supporting our beautiful actress, and glad that they have the support from people within the industry.

And some of the netizens would like to join the cause of protesting it together with the actress.

What do you think about this? Are you glad that we have even the people in the industry in our side? Let us know in the comments!

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