Now how would you define “adventurous” – Sky diving? Rock climbing? Or swimming with sharks?

After this recent discovery, none of that high adrenaline activities seems crazy anymore. Because touching-yourself-whilst-driving-a-car-on-a-highway sounds packed with high adrenaline intensity!

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A video went viral of this incident on a highway in Melaka. The (lucky) person who recorded this had been said to be on a bus, or other taller automobiles.

But seriously though, the girl got balls – figuratively of course. sitting sideways on a passenger seat while driving, there will be times that your feet needs to press that acceleration pedal. How can she even managed it is what blew people minds off.

Regardless, we do think a few things are best to be left at home – and maybe in the bedroom for this case. No matter how daredevil you are, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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