A plane passenger is horrified after spotted a hidden spy cam in the first class bathroom. Recently an investigation has been done, and the suspect of the ‘perv’ flier is known to be, you guessed it – Malaysian.

In that plane from San Diego to Houston, a woman spotted an odd-looking device with a blue blinking light near the bathroom cabinet, and then she grabbed it using a paper towel before hand it over to the flight crews.

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After landing in Houston, the crew members turned the device over to airline security officials, who quickly determined that it was a video recording device. The United officials then handed it over to the FBI.

The Federal Agents then able to cross-match the worn jewellery observed in the installation video, against the surveillance footage of the boarding the flight. The suspect soon identified to be Choon Ping Lee, a Malaysian man who works in Halliburton – sigh.

Lee was arrested and faces a misdemeanour charge of voyeurism. If convicted, he would face up to twelve months, a fine or both.

After reviewing the camera, the FBI said that the device also contained illicit footage filmed in the bathroom of an Emirates flight.

The company Halliburton is said to be aware of the situation and is cooperating with the FBI and US Attorney’s office in their investigation.