Pokémon fan especially from the South East Asia countries should be ecstatic to hear the news that our local youngster, Mokesh Kannah is developing a Malaysia-themed Pokémon game as he shares it on Reddit.

The map is based on the first generation of the game that allow trainers to catch and collect every imaginable Pokémon in different locations in Malaysia.

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The 22-year old created the game using RPG Maker XP software, combined with gameplay-altering code.

Some of the places featured are; Genting Highlands – which will be home to a fictional volcano, Terengganu – which will be a city with homes suspended over the water, and Kota Kinabalu – where the game’s final Elite Four challenge will be located.

The players of the game will begin their journey from Seremban to capture the Pokémon starting from Seremban – then the adventure leads them to places such as Pahang’s Chini Lake, Penang Bridge, and Sarawak’s many forests will function as the game’s Safari Zone, as mentioned by Kannah.

The comments section on Reddit were exploded with various suggestions for the game. Including having Pokémon to eat durian to substitute berries, and to replace in-game stores with mamak shops, and many other.

He said he was considering a “hysterical” suggestion from a fan to have Singapore as the evil team’s base, in plotting to steal all Malaysian’s food.

However there’re maybe a risk that the Nintendo might clamp down on his project since they officially own the copyright of the game. But our local talent could probably be able to share the game file directly to interested players.