The white powder of death – yeah, it’s sugar, seems innocent and is pretty much in everything that we eat, or drink.

Recently a 30-years old man in Suzhou, China past away after he treated his favourite carbonated drinks like water.

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According to Oriental Daily, the office worker known as Wang, is 178 cm tall and weighs about 113 kg. At first he’s started feeling weak and thirsty started about 10-days ago. Went to the toilet multiple times in a day, and getting thinner everyday.

It’s natural for him to assume it’s because of the heat. So he drank even more soda to quench his thirst, but only resulted in much worse condition.

His friend sent him to the ER after his condition’s worsen. After a few test, the doctor shockingly found that Wang’s blood sugar level is 20 times higher than a normal person. Not only that, Wang also had acidosis and potassium disorder. His friend also added that Wang also suffers from hypertension.

Wang is later diagnosed with Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State (HHS), to treat any complication caused by high sugar level in your blood. Which is widely used to treat diabetes. However Wang had passed on despite all the best efforts by the doctors.

This just to be a reminder for everyone who loves to gulp on their favourite soda. It’s fine as long as you take in moderation. And always go see a doctor if anything goes wrong.

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