Winter is coming” for BTS’s Army! Your favourite TaeTae is dropping a bomb track.

V, or whose real name is Kim Taehyung, surprisingly released his solo single called “Winter Bearon August 9, 2019 and ironically just when summer’s about to end.

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The South Korean singer who’s part of a worldwide renown Kpop idol group BTS (Bangtan Boys), dropped his new English song as well as his self directed music video on Twitter.

Here’s the music video to feast your eyes, and eardrums:

Through the warm, stirring pop-rock ballad, the music video followed the South Korean star as he explored a variety of cities in what appears to be clips captured during the group’s recent Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour.

The song, written by V, in collaboration with Hiss Noise and Adora, as well as BTS’ own RM, “Winter Bear” features soft and whimsical melody. Perfect to fall asleep onto. Like a hibernating bear – maybe that’s what he’s going for? 

After he posted the video, his fanbase worldwide hit up the popular social media outlet to share their thoughts.

In Twitter, fans from all over the globe created fan arts dedicated to the song with no time to spare.

Despite the summertime heat, “Winter Bear” is surely taken the Army to a cool and gentle breeze – but a rather chaotic social media feeds.

Maybe they could come here again in Malaysia, and get rid of this dry scorching weather? Lets’ just cross our fingers for that wishful thinking.