It’s things like these that makes us questioning humanity and its righteousness.

A recent story was uploaded in Penang Kini Facebook group where a little girl fell victim to a snatch theft incident when she was walking in the market with her family.

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This incident happened in an open air market at Batu Kawan, Seberang Perai.

The poor girl named Anelia, was traumatized from the incident. At first everything was really cheerful as she’s there with the family. The atmosphere changed when she starts crying.

When she was asked about it, she said:

“She took my necklace!”

The incident happened so quick and in front of many people — however no one noticed it to lend any help.

Anelia was left with red marks all over her neck as it was snatched with such force. The family were thankful enough that there are no major injuries to their daughter.

She described that the thief was a free-haired woman:

“She wasn’t wearing a tudung! There were two people there, she was fat and had long hair”

It’s too absurd to think that people has the heart to do this to a child. As a human, an adult, a person who can think objectively to what is right or wrong.

Regardless, it’s kinda sad to accept the fact that there’re people like this, and it’s advisable to everyone to be wary at all times. Especially for your child.

Let’s hope everyone can be kind to other people. Because.. “people”.

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