A cashless society is something we’re striving and it is moving in a rather fast pace. One of the pros of having a cashless society is to find that there would be less crime.

Recently the State Security and Crime Prevention Department, Chief Beh Eng Lai urged visitors to Melaka to use electronic means of payment to avoid falling victim to theft, robbery, or snatch theft.

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Melaka has a lot of visitors and peaked usually during school holidays and public holidays. This is not a response to any crimes committed, but it is a mere preventive steps, and it is the best time of opportunity to do it.

Businesses has been adopting the cashless transaction approach. Many of business premises in Melaka does it as well, this would benefit both of the business and consumers around.

The priority is to provide a secure and conducive environment. Not only that it’s to lower crime, as the place is a tourists attraction, it is so much easier to manage the currency exchange when the tourists are travelling internationally.

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