People has been modifying their motorcycles for awhile now – you know, to get that extra ‘ummphh’.

But less do people know that it is actually illegal to modify your vehicle especially when tweaking its performances. With current ‘celebrities’ have been showing their modified version of the Yamaha Y15ZR, or known at the streets as the ‘Ysuku’, now there are bunch of groups hired by local workshops to test out the performance – and it’s endangering the streets.

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The police are now determined to put extra attention to sweep these illegal modified vehicles off the streets. The ‘Ysuku’ is already a very fast motorcycle to begin with. But now it is the preferred model for street racers since the Honda EX5 in years back.

Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department Deputy Director, Datuk Mohd Nadzri Hussain explain this in his statement:

“If a motorcycle is sold with the maximum speed of 110km/h, then don’t modify the engine to make its maximum speed go over 140km/h. This is clearly breaking the law and the motorcycle might not be able to handle this, which can lead to accidents.”

Police has been taking this seriously as it would be endangering civilians, and will led to bad example to the youths.

All and all, one positive thing that we can see is that it’s great to see people are able to do tweaking, modifying, or maybe even building their own things to get what they want – instead of buying-then breaking it-then-buy-it-again type behaviour.

But there are limitations to all this stuffs, especially when there are laws and regulations stated by the government.

We are smart, so let us be smart about it.

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