Sock, and gaming. Who would have thought the correlation between those?

Well that is the beauty of todays’ information knowledge, and scientific research. Somehow your gaming skills could be improve with a proper, and comfortable footwear. Therefore a brand such as Puma, is not sitting idle and released their brand new Active Gaming Footwear‘ line-up for gamers galore.

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This specially designed sock is perfect for indoor footwear and especially gaming use.

It is said to be able to deliver a seamless comfort, support, and grip so gamers may adapt to different active gaming modes and perform to their best.

The three gaming modes are:

  1. SEEK MODE – Medial wrap-up grip
  2. ATTACK MODE – Lateral wrap-up grip
  3. CRUISE and DEFENSE MODE – Heel wrap-up stability grip

It also has an ‘ultimate grip in-door rubber’ so you won’t slip when you’re running to the kitchen for a snack while your mom is mopping the floor — or maybe that intense run to the toilet before the game starts.

Regardless of how weird it sounds, it does look comfy. And might be a great Christmas gift too!

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