Bubble tea had become a total INFESTATION to foods. Normally we seen it in our beloved sugary drink – but now it quickly spreading to others; pizza, ramen, and beers too.

A Singaporean mooncake patisserie Chang Ho Sek just released bubble tea mooncakes for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

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These mooncakes does looks good to be honest. It is infused with tea and lotus seed paste and come with a snowy skin exterior.

They come in two types of packaging; ‘tingkat’ and box. Targeting the won’t-buy-for-yourself-but-will-buy-for-others crowd.

These delicacies are available at S$60 for two pieces in tingkat’ packaging, while it’s S$81 for four pieces in a box. There’s a 25% discount ongoing until August 7. 

Now. Will we see any more bubble-tea-infested-food? Let’s leave it to our imagination for now. But it is exciting to know how creative people can be.

But if there’s anything such like a “Bubble Tea-Lemang-Cheese” combo – maybe don’t ever try to leave your house then.