To mark the 60th anniversary of Singapore’s national symbols a new rendition for the national anthem, ‘Majulah Singapura’ sang by the living legend, Ramli Sarip.

However, Mr. Ramli’s rendition of the song drew both praise and criticism after a video of him singing at the NDP (National Day Parade) rehearsals become public. But the worst of it, many have been dishing out racist remarks in their reviews of his performance.

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What’s confusing is that, when Papa Rock sang it during Singapore’s 2019 National Day, many people thought it was slow but perfectly heartfelt. However, when it was made into a video in black and white, it seemed unnecessarily sad, which some netizens did not like as well — nothing can satisfy everyone, no surprise there.

Here was the recording of the Singapore’s 2019 National Day:

The new rendition still features the same lyrics by Zubir Said and Phoon Yew Tien’s arrangement. The rendition follows the lyrics with new voices  and updated audio technology for the new recording.

It is also been said that the video featuring Ramli Sarip is not official, but features other Singaporean icons such as Singapore’s first female Olympian Tang Pui Wah, comic writer-artist Sonny Liew, HIV-positive program coordinator Calvin Tan and disabled rapper Wheelsmith.

Here are some of the negative comments about the new music video:


Here are some comments about the song suddenly became depressing and dark:

The only thing that everyone in Singapore needs to know is that; THIS IS JUST A ‘RENDITION’.

It will not be use at schools, or any big events or that. This is just a celebration of the moment that the father of rock is there to be proud with you guys.

Loose the hate, take the positive okay fellow neighbours?

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