So instant noodles are kinda become a staple food in every household, even without the silly spicy noodle challenge.

For many families especially in Malaysia, both parents are usually working, and that is the usual excuse for them to find an easy 2-minutes simple solution to feed their children. Thus the results; children under the age of 5, had been reported to be malnourished around South East Asia. And from there, 2.6 million alone came from Malaysia.

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Based on the UNICEF report, an average of 40% of children have been found unhealthily thin or overweight in South East Asia.

Countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia portrays a lot of busy parents who don’t have the time to cook proper food, as well as giving awareness about food nutritions to their children.

A statement by the public health expert in Indonesia, Hasbullah Thabrany said;

“Parents believe that filling their children’s stomach is the most important thing instead of thinking about the intakes of protein, calcium or fibre.”

From the report shows that Indonesia had 24.4 million children under five last year, while the Philippines had 11 million and Malaysia 2.6 million. Hence, 40% of the total of 38 million makes that 15.2 million kids under the age of 5 are malnourished.

We believed that this is still in the “we-can-do-something-about-it” phase. There are many simple recipes that we can do and would be million times better than an instant noodle.

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Daging Kambing Berbukit, Nan Cheese Boleh BUat Langsir! 😂