For many years our counter gender making a serious correlations between physique, and sexual appeal. It is the main focal point by the media, which has also influenced the choices that we made in our lives.

Recently a new survey made by Planet Fitness has revealed that many women prefer a guy with a “dad bod”,  a slang term for a father-like physique. Not only that, it is at a jarring 70% among women.

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Somehow buff dudes, or tight-skinny type guys does not seem to triggers the estrogens within them.

The online survey that has collected anonymous responses from over 2,000 women, found that men who are heavier than their ideal weight seems more attractive.

The results also revealed that 78% of women think that slightly-chunkier men than average look and feel more confident are incredibly sexy. And 80% of women are proud of marrying a man with a “dad bod”.

Get off of those crunches guys! Because there are still hopes for you! Let us know what you think of dad-bods in the comments below!

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