Have anyone watch Macgyver back in the days? Okay so this woman is not exactly diffusing bomb using paperclips, but she is one helluva creative when needed.

Recently a picture of a woman wearing a plastic bag as her ‘tudung’ or head scarf went viral on Twitter which was shared by her friend’s Twitter user.

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The woman known as Nur Fariza, incidentally got caught in the rain when she’s rushing to meet her client in Puchong and her scarf got wet.

She did have a spare scarf, but what do you know? It went missing!

She then decided to use the plastic bag in her car, tear it up to fit her head, and use some pins to adjust it accordingly – and she did it tremendously.

Her client is not the only one who impressed by it, it also had won the heart of the netizens. She had made the best effort in dealing with an issue while still delivering her job well.

Some even thinking to try out this quirky fashion, maybe it could even be a trend?

All and all, we love seeing people doing fun things when doing not-so-fun-stuffs. But maybe not really agreeing that everyone should wear plastics in the future?

Because you know what it did to the turtles, no?

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