Well, the story of a love triangle, someone loving someone else’s husband, someone going out with someone’s wife; had sadly, become a norm — or a new living culture if you will. 

A video went viral on Twitter about this one doctor in Bandar Baru Bangi was beaten to a pulp by his nurse’s husband, for cheating with the said nurse — woah, this clinic will get one helluva rep after this thing past!

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This is not one of that story where the husband is just a hot-headed guy. The husband known as Aiman, had gathered up all the evidences of his wife’s scandal; including some videos, receipts, timeline, even had been contacting the doctor’s wife to gain proofs.

Aiman himself is currently working in Dubai, now close to a year — the husband “keje” oversea kind of situation.

You may watch the video here:

But still, what we learnt about the net is that we should somehow give the benefits of a doubt. Maybe there is a reason behind this — who knows? This is how god intended to test the long-distance’s couple.

What we should learn is to not CHEAT! Or this can happen. If the relationship is a lost, try and discuss — yeah, this is a love tip.

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