Motorist accident could happen anytime when you are less expected.

Recently a Singaporean boy was hit by a car who did not see him while crossing. The incident was recorded by other motorist’s dash cam while driving along Clemeceau Avenue, towards Havelock Road.

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The student is a secondary schooler, and in his school uniform. He is seen at the sidewalk and preparing to cross the road as seen in the picture.

Unfortunately the timing was not on his side, as the cars are starting to move, and the an SUV is blocking the view from another car, which then leads to the accident.

Here is the video:

The boy seems to be landed face-first, but then immediately stand up while holding on to his face — He must be on a shock, and filled with adrenaline!

Somehow collisions caused by discretionary right turns have been a quite common occurrence, therefore everyone should be more careful regardless if you are a pedestrian, or a motorist.

Hopefully the boy does not sustain any serious injuries. Let us know what could be done better from the video!

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