In today’s big data world, internet security is a must as well as personal data protection — well you know, to avoid people knowing your bank info’s and stuffs.

Recently it has been shared by Wandera a mobile security company from the UK that there are 2-applications that are widely being downloaded worldwide, and their personal data has higher chance to be stolen.

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The 2-apps are the Sun Pro Beauty Camera, and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie which has been reported that it has been dowloaded 1.5 million times from the Google Play Store.

The modus operandi of these apps is that it enables constant audio recording without needing any verification from the user. This is incredibly scary as it could get our verbal data as well.

People have been using these apps to beautify their pictures — as how it is nowadays. People don’t believe in ‘natural beauty’ anymore.

It’s advisable for everyone to delete these apps instantly for your own safety and privacy.

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