Haven’t we all heard about the uprising rapper named Zynakal who was being so crude to a music director from a local radio station? And when you think it couldn’t get any worse, he even posted the WhatsApp conversation on Twitter!

This young rapper is clearly depicting a rude behaviour. But today, the ‘Prince of Damansara’ is coming to his aid, by posting an instagram video to back him (Zynakal) up. A truly heartwarming story to hear a homie having another homie’s back.

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In his recent video on Instagram, Caprice said that Zynakal is not behaving as himself; he’s not being home, haven’t slept for 4-days, and having debacle with a lot of people including some local artists as well as the local radio station as we know.

Here are his video for reference:

Initially Caprice and Sufian Suhaimi is helping out to bring dear Zynakal to see some Ustazs, concerning if there’s any ‘paranormal disturbance’ is involved. After they clearing that up, they’re helping out to have Zyn seeking for professional help in case of any mental issues or depression.

Caprice also apologised to everyone on Zyn’s behalf in the video. Showing he is helping out a friend and would like everyone to be helping out, instead of showing hate without any basis.

All and all, we hope only the best for everyone including Zynakal. Maybe we’ll here more from him instead of the prince?

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